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Kick off to the Craft Fair season 2012!

 What a great day we had today at the fair! We made so many friends and had so many lovely monsters adopted out to good homes! The match of the day was Sam and little Miss Hanna! They are so cute together! We can't wait for the next fair... but this time, I will remember the sunscreen! Here are some pictures to commemorate the day! Enjoy!
Aura getting ready till all hour of the night! 
Our newest Hats ready to go up for adoption! From top left clock wise we have: Ziggie, Aradia, Sam, Jerry,  Bela, Hank Jr., Hank, Mike, and in the center little Jules! They were a big hit and most of them even got adopted today!
Aura the Fairy setting up! It was very cold before the sun came out! Only 45 degrees...  
But the Monsters looked great and enticingly warm!

The wings didn't look half bad either! Ryan did an awesome job with the display racks! 

Something we learned today... Fairies are cold blooded and do NOT like the cold!

This is Hank Jr. He was very happy to be at his very first craft fair right next to his daddy Hank!

The Match of the Day! Meet Hanna, she and Sam got along just swimmingly! 

Truly a match made in heaven! Now we just need to get a matching Mohawk hat on Dad!

The Fairy is much happier now that the sun is out... thought something else we learned today is, DON'T FORGET THE SUNSCREEN!!!!

And finally our nursing hats and shirts in all their glory! All in all it was a wonderful day! 5 Monsters were adopted to great homes and Ryan and I can not wait to do the next fair! (And thus, the hunt for the illusive baby sitter begins!)

Merry Christmas Everyone From The Paiges!

Okay so we like to have a sense of humor around here at Two Moms, so here for everyone to see id the Paige Family Christmas Card 2010! Hope it makes you smile! Yes .... all the kids are ours!

No Mistletoe Necessary Christmas 5x7 folded card
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View the entire collection of cards.

150 Hats and Beyond!!!

For the last 6 weeks, Two Moms has been consumed with Hats of Hope: Project 150. Well, as of this morning...
155 hats currently in our possession, and more are still coming!

Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING, and we are dropping off all the hats we have to the UK Children's Hospital. It's amazing that we have reached it, and it's all thanks to YOU! We have seen so much blessing in the last few weeks, and we are realizing just how amazing some people can be.

You have helped to make this Thanksgiving incredibly special for 150 very sick children.

Still interested in helping out? Well Hats of Hope is still going on! Here are some of the ways you can still be a part of this vision:
  • Make a Donation to Hats of Hope: The second (and much larger) half of Hats of Hope is to raise $36,800 to give to the family of one of the children. We're working on some significant ways to do this, but for now the best thing to do is check out our Etsy store. There you can make a donation to Hats of Hope. Technically it's a "purchase" of a ribbon, but 100% of the cost will be donated to this project. Click Here to help out!
  • Host a Hat-Making Party: We still have hats being mailed in from all over the country, and we'll be collecting hats for another drop in the future! Contact us at TwoMomsLtd@gmail.com to get signed up for a Hat-Making Party of your own!
  • Follow Us Regularly: Keep tabs on what's going on with Hats of Hope by checking back here on this blog, and by "liking" us on Facebook - Become fans of Two Moms Ltd on Facebook, or become part of the Hats of Hope Facebook Group.
Thank you so much for all your support! We are very thankful indeed this Thanksgiving!

Hats of Hope: Project 150!

"Approximately 150 Kentucky kids are diagnosed with cancer each year. Kentucky children have a greater proportion of new solid malignancy cancer cases than anywhere else in the United States."
~ UK Pediatric Research Institute

This is the statement that has birthed what we are calling Project 150. So what is Project 150? Well it all starts with an idea, a point of connection, and one very ambitious little girl.

About a month ago my husband and I were throwing around the idea of doing a family service project, we talked it over with our kids and they were all really excited about it. While we were trying to figure out what we should do for our project I came across the above quote, and read it to my 5 year old Jesse. Boy did she get excited! You see Jesse was named after a very dear friend of mine from childhood, who passed away from cancer, and every few years I grow out my hair and shave it all off to donate to Locks of Love in her memory. So Jesse knows a lot about cancer and what people who have it have to go through. She also knows how to knit hats. She now has a point of connection with all 150 kids around the state of KY. She decided that we NEED to make a hat for all 150 kids... by Thanks Giving, because "that's when it will be getting too cold to not have one if you are bald." She has also decided that she would like to try to raise enough money to cover the cost of medical care for one child.
The average cost of cancer treatment in 2010 is $36,800. Like I said, she is one ambitious little girl!

So how do we plan to do this? Can one 5 year old really make 150 hats and raise over $36,000 in 2 months? Probably not, not all by herself anyway. Though she and her siblings do intend to sit outside local grocery stores and other local businesses to raise the money. Her little hands just aren't that quick at knitting yet. So this is where we at Two Moms come in. We have decided to start a program called Hats of Hope, and our first project is going to be Project 150, Jesse's project! We are going to be donating hats from our inventory, and making more along with her to reach her goals, but this is still not going to be enough. We need more man (or woman) power!

So here's the deal, (and this is really exciting for us!) Two Moms is going to be offering free hat making lessons to anyone who is willing to learn! We will be booking Hat Making Parties all month and through to December to teach anyone who wants to learn how to make hats. We will come to you, and it is TOTALLY FREE! When you book a party with us, we will send you a list of hats and the supplies you will need to have for each style of hat, than we come to your house, church, small group, or any other meeting place that works for you and we give the lessons. All we ask in return is that everyone in your party donates their first hat to Hats of Hope for Project 150. That's it! If anyone would like to continue making hats to donate, we will leave our contact information, but that is up to the individual.

If you are interested at all in booking a hat making party, please contact us ASAP at TwoMomsLtd@gmail.com! You will be helping a great cause, having a ton of fun with your friends and you will have a great new skill for Christmas this year!

Thanks everyone! We look forward to seeing you at a party soon!

Aaaaaannnnd we're back!

Hey everyone!  Sorry we kinda fell off the face of the planet there for a little while! Things here at Two Moms went a little haywire for the Summer of 2010!  We've had sickness and craziness and ER visits enough to last us.. well at least clean through to next year. But we are back and we are ready to press on with new products and possibly even a show or two in the works for August and September!  Keep posted for any new events, and be sure to check out Cradle Will Rock where our stuff is still out on display! Thanks everyone!

Movin' on up!

Hello All!

Today was a very exciting day for us here at Two Moms Ltd! We are now officially in a real life store. It is called Cradle Will Rock and it is an awesome store filled with unique items for babies, children and moms too. You can find it at 401 W Main St. Ste 121 right next to Explorium in downtown Lexington. Come check out our display and let us know what you think and tell Rhonda that Two Moms sent you. You can also see the store online at http://cradlewillrockonline.com.

Rhonda is a California native who moved out here to Lexington not very long ago, now she's running the shop at Victorian Plaza as a full time gig. She is great and we love her and all her wonderful items! Everything in the store is handmade and gorgeous! We are so honored that she is carrying our label.

An Ode to Parenting

What do we do when we aren't knitting, sewing, crocheting, or running craft fairs?  We here at Two Moms are very proud of Aura and Ryans air band preformance last night.. though we think that maybe they need to spend a little more time out doing grown-up things... Way to go winning first place guys! Check out Aura and her husband Ryan rockin' out Generations Community Church's air band compitition yesterday... Remember, they are the ones with 4 kiddos... you gotta do what you know! Check them out here, and trust us... you really want to see this!

Nicholasville car and craft show today!!!

Come on out and see us from 10:00 - 3:00 at Edgewood Baptist Church, 717 South Main Street. We'll be there rain or shine with our new "Just for Mothers Day" products! In addition to our cool stuff there will also be: Pony rides, petting zoo, other crafts for sale, cars to look at, a silent auction items to bid on and blind auction items to buy and a Cake walk. Mention you follow our blog, or that your a fan of our on Facebook and receive a special discount! We can't wait to see you there!
~ The Moms

Mom's Funny Story of the Week 2

Why Mom's should NEVER go to the bathroom... EVER!

Somehow, I don't think this story is going to require much more explanation.....

Thanks Leah!

T-Shirts up on Etsy!

Thats right! Our T-shirts are now available on Etsy! Check out our store today and see our newest design, "I Sucked as a Baby"!
We have something for everyone! We're so proud!